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Forefathers Book Shop Selection

While our shop clearly has a political theme to it, we also provide biographies on hundreds of individuals who were really "forefathers" in their own specific field of endeavor. Below is just a sample of the selection you will find!

Baseball - Biographies of Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle, Mays, Aaron, Clements and dozens more
Music - Biographies of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Springsteen, Neil Young, Jim Morrison, Madonna, Tina Turner, Willy Nelson, Johnny Cash and more
Entertainment - Biographies of Brando, Redford, Nicholson, Newman, Hepburn, Ford and Fonda
Wild West - Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, Daniel Boone, Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Geronimo, Cochise, Crazy Horse and others
Military - Patton, Marshall, Powell, MacArthur, Custer, Lee, Sherman and Stuart plus more....
Football - Lombardi, Payton, Namath, Bryant, Unitas, Bo Jackson and Jim Brown
Foreign Figures - Lenin, Stalin, Churchill, Hitler, Saddam, bin Laden, Arafat, Napoleon and Thatcher
True Crime - Capone, Manson, Bundy, Lansky, The Iceman, and others infamous in criminal history

These selections, and more, help shape our American history and provide you with a background essential to understanding American history.  Visit our shop and see for yourselves how we developed to become the country we are today.